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Lupoli Manor: some facts

The Manor is the most important part of the estate, whose main product is olives for oil production.

The Manor is located on the eastern hillside of Crispiano, at 234 meters above sea level.

North of the Manor, the Murge hill with its Mediterranean vegetation rises up to 399 meters above sea level. A typical landscape “tarantina” of endless beauty.

The estate’s olive trees are more than a century old. Some of them appear even in records of the year 1733. Most olive trees are of the olearola type.

Of them all, the “Barone” (the Baron) is the most important, imposing and majestic tree.

Lupoli Manor is property of the Perrone family since 1913. Until 1986 the estate was larger than some towns of the Taranto Province.

Still today, Lupoli Manor conserves a well documented cultural heritage that allows deep in-sights into the history of the land it rises on. Above all, the buildings of Lupoli Manor (which remained unaltered over many centuries) reflect the different époques it has witnessed: the ancient medieval tower, the 16th century chapel, the stable and the peasants’ dorm built during the 17th century and, finally, the gentry’s chambers finished towards the end of WW I.

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